Privacy Statement

Privacy and GDPR

Transparency and digital security are important principles of AthenaCheck's services. These aspects are reflected in this Privacy Statement and we deem clear and consistent communications regarding the handling of your personal data of great importance. In this Privacy Statement, we will inform you about our company’s policy on privacy and data protection.

Article 1 – Definitions

  1. Privacy Policy: this privacy policy;
  2. Website:;
  3. User: any user of the Website and our services;
  4. Controller: AthenaCheck is the data controller and is located at Herengracht 456, 1017CA Amsterdam. You can reach us by email at;
  5. Personal Data: the information specified in this statement regarding the identifiable natural person;
  6. Document: any document provided by the User to AthenaCheck. Including, but not limited to, theses, essays, papers, writing assignments, letters, literature and source lists in any digital form, regardless of whether the document is complete.
  7. Editor: the third party - being a legal entity or natural person - engaged by AthenaCheck to perform the Language Check or any other services.

Article 2 – Secure data transfer

All Personal Data collected by AthenaCheck is sufficiently secured. With the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), we have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures against the use, destruction, loss, alteration, misuse or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. In addition, your data is encrypted, and AthenaCheck uses stable and secure services and systems.

Article 3 – To whom does this Privacy Statement apply?

This Privacy Statement applies to individuals whose Personal Data is processed by AthenaCheck, namely:

  • All persons who contact AthenaCheck;
  • All persons who complete our feedback form/complaint form;
  • Visitors to AthenaCheck's Website;
  • AthenaCheck's customers;
  • Recipients of emails from AthenaCheck;
  • Potential customers with whom AthenaCheck has had or will have contact.

Article 4 – Collection of Personal Data

  1. AthenaCheck processes Personal Data of a User that has been provided by and while visiting our website, using our services, reading our emails, and contacting us.
  2. We process the following Personal Data provided by you:
    1. Contact details and other Personal Data necessary for the exercise of our services;
    2. Contact details and other Personal Data filled out on the Website or in forms located on the Website;
    3. Contact details and other Personal Data obtained during introductory and promotional meetings and events;
    4. Documents submitted by the User via the Website and all accompanying texts and information made known through the Website.
  3. We process the following Personal Data obtained through or created by our website and other electronic technologies:
    1. Your IP address;
    2. Your behavior regarding newsletters and other emails send by AthenaCheck.
  4. We save the following information from you on your AthenaCheck account:
    1. Name;
    2. Address;
    3. Phone number;
    4. Orders;
    5. Payment method;
    6. Email address;
    7. Invoices.

Article 5 – Use of Personal Data

  1. AthenaCheck uses your Personal Data for various purposes, which are outlined in this article.
  2. Your Personal Data is used to achieve the (automated) services for which you have given us the instruction.
  3. Your Personal Data is used to send informative digital messages about new products. With these messages, we keep you informed about the expansion and improvement of our services and products.
  4. Your Personal Data is used to maintain the relationship with you as a customer, to provide support and to handle complaints and disputes.
  5. Your Personal Data will be used to improve our products and services. For this reason, we may ask you to fill out a feedback form. Participation is entirely voluntary.
  6. Your Personal Data will also be used to fulfill legal obligations.

Article 6 – Legal grounds for processing Personal Data

  1. We never process Personal Data arbitrarily; it is always based on one of the legal grounds outlined in this article.
  2. We process your Personal Data based on your consent. You can withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data at any given time by contacting us at and file a request accordingly.
  3. We process your Personal Data based on an agreement or at your request before the conclusion of a final agreement. Such an agreement is entered into when you use our products or services.
  4. We process your Personal Data based on a legal obligation.
  5. We process your Personal Data based on a legitimate interest. Based on a legitimate interest, we may invite you to certain AthenaCheck events.

Article 7 – Data processing parties

  1. It may occur that we use service providers (processors) to process Personal Data on our behalf. In this instance, any third party – such as the Editors and Turnitin – is obligated to sign a data processing agreement. These agreements meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  2. For our automated Plagiarism check, we are cooperating with Turnitin. Turnitin provides the plagiarism detection software. The Documents are submitted to Turnitin as an encrypted file. No one at Turnitin can read the content of the Document.
  3. In addition, we have collaborations with Editors. These Editors are independent professionals whom we provide with single assignments. We have come to terms with them regarding the secure use and processing of your Documents. All Editors are required to sign a data processing agreement.
  4. When sending emails and other promotional material, we use services offered by Mailchimp.

Article 8 – Changing and deleting Personal Data

  1. You have the right to access, correct, supplement, delete and shield your Personal Data.
  2. If you want to exercise this right, you can contact us at, and we will process your request within one month.
  3. If we cannot process your request within one month, we will notify you of the reason thereof within that period.
  4. The information described in this article is provided free of charge.

Article 9 – Transfer to third parties

  1. In certain instances, it may be necessary to share your Personal Data with third parties. This is, of course, dependent on the circumstances, and we will demand of third parties to handle your data with the utmost care and only in accordance with the purpose for which we obtained your data. In principle, we do not share your Personal Data with parties other than Editors and Turnitin.
  2. Your Personal Data will, in principle, not be shared with other companies within the Pallas Athena Group. If this is deemed necessary for proper service, we will notify you of this.
  3. Your Personal Data will be shared with third parties if this is necessary for the processing of the agreed service.
  4. Your Personal Data will be shared with third parties if this is necessary for the processing of an application with the Chamber of Commerce, the Land Registry, or another governmental organization or institute.
  5. Your Personal Data will be shared with third parties if we are required by law or by court order to do so.
  6. Your Personal Data will never be shared solely for commercial purposes of third parties.

Article 10 – Retention of Personal Data

Your Personal Data will be kept by us as identifiable data for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. Documents submitted for a Language Check will be stored for a maximum of 90 days after the full completion of the agreement. This is necessary in regards to the improvement of our services, adequate customer services, and quality controls, such as of the Editors or the Turnitin software.

When retaining your Personal Data, we will do our utmost best to keep the data up to date, accurate and complete. If data is found to be incorrect or outdated, it will be deleted. As previously mentioned in this Privacy Statement, it is also possible to withdraw your consent to the retention of Personal Data. If you withdraw this consent, we will proceed to delete all your stored Personal Data.

Article 11 – Changes to this Privacy Statement

AthenaCheck reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. Any changes will be announced and explained on this page. We therefore advise you to check this page regularly for any changes, and in case of significant changes, we will notify you by email.

This Privacy Statement was last modified on 11th of May.